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PVD coating technology is a kind of physical vapor deposition technology, which is widely used in home appliance industry. For plastic molds for home appliances, PVD coating can provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance, thereby extending the service life of the mold and improving production efficiency.

PVD coating technology is widely used in the home appliance industry, including in the metal stamping. By applying PVD coating to metal stamping tools, it enhances surface properties by increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance, surface hardness, and oxidation resistance. This ensures that the metal materials used in metal stamping processes are more durable and stable, thereby improving the quality and performance of home appliance products.

In addition, PVD coating can also be applied to the home appliance product itself, such as providing stainless steel surface treatment to increase its wear resistance and aesthetics. In the manufacturing and assembly of electrical products, PVD coating technology plays a key role in providing reliable surface treatment solutions for the home appliance industry.

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